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฿550.00 ฿275.00
Pen stand and stationery tray

Drawer (L)

Drawers for all-purpose use with A4 size

Drawer (M)

Drawer for all-purpose use

Marble Pencil Box

฿385.00 ฿193.00
Pencil box / Miscellaneous box

Super Office Box

฿750.00 ฿375.00
For organizing desk accessories with 2 stackable trays

Drawer (S)

฿750.00 ฿375.00
Drawer for all-purpose use

Organizer Partition

฿650.00 ฿325.00
Organizer tray for Tablet, Smart phone, and documents

Office Box

฿950.00 ฿475.00
Box for stationery with opening lid and drawer


฿950.00 ฿475.00
Stationery set of Pencil box, Tape dispenser, Magnetic clip holder